Kodak Vision films Global product launch

GVMC were involved in the early pre-branding stage of a brand-new analogue film platform aimed at the movie industry world-wide. We assisted at all stages of marketing development under the theme of "The new golden age of film":

> product branding/naming
> packaging
> advertising
> direct mail
> InCamera magazine
> Give-away design/production

" The world-wide launch of our premium range of film stocks was work that really set the stage for what has become Kodak's modern, and hugely successful family of motion picture products. The work you did was among the most imaginative this division has ever used. And of course, since then, you've proven, that your ability to think differently and to react quickly have only sharpened over time. I value the ability to call on you for a thought or an idea, knowing that you will send along something I couldn't think of myself, something I haven't seen before"

Bob Gibbons, Director, Marketing and Communications
Kodak Digital Cinema Hollywood, CA

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